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Montana Capitol.
William Marcus
Montana Public Radio
The state policymaking process is still ongoing about a month after the 68th Legislature adjourned. Legislators have more than a dozen of the governor’s vetoes to consider overriding, and there are still bills that have yet to be signed or vetoed. Democrats say the process is taking unnecessarily long.
Flames from a fast-moving wildfire engulf grain elevators in the town of Denton, Montana, December 01, 2021.
Fergus County Sheriff's Office
A wildfire burned through the small town of Denton, MT in December of 2021. It burned more than 10,000 acres and destroyed 25 homes. So how is the town of Denton rebuilding, and what does wildfire resilient construction look like?
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In light of a cancer diagnosis in 2020, the late Dr. Sheila Stearns and William Marcus sit down to chat about Stearns’s family and about her careers as a school teacher and the Commissioner of Higher Education in Montana.
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Osteopathic physician Kevin de Regnier of Winterset, Iowa, checks Chris Bourne, who came in for an adjustment of his anxiety medication on May 9, 2023.
Tony Leys/KFF Health News
The number of doctors of osteopathy is surging, and more than half of them practice in primary care, including in rural areas hit hard by doctor shortages.
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