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Election Protection Committee member and former county commissioner Jane Weber (left) and Clerk and Recorder Sandra Merchant (right) at a Cascade County polling place in Great Falls, MT, June 6, 2023.
Austin Amestoy
Great Falls Public Schools’ trustees are asking Cascade County commissioners to take over election duties from the clerk and recorder’s office. The trustees cite a strained relationship with Clerk and Recorder Sandra Merchant, as well as concerns over her handling of the school election in May.
70-year-old Inez Keith of Chester, MT explores the wrecked interior of the former Montana State Orphanage’s first building, a huge Victorian mansion that dates back to 1894. Keith lived at the facility for a decade during its final years in operation.
Austin Amestoy
A Helena listener had a long-simmering curiosity about a relic of Montana history that still sits just across the Beaverhead River from Twin Bridges: The old Montana State Orphanage built in 1894. We took a look around with one of the previous residents. Join us for the tour, on this episode of The Big Why.
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Host Lauren Korn speaks with Erika Fredrickson and Matthew Frank, former ‘Missoula Independent’ reporters and the founders of ‘The Pulp,’ a new independent, non-profit news organization covering politics, arts, and culture in Missoula, Montana.
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Members of the House and Senate raced to pass dueling spending bills ahead of a midnight deadline to fund the federal government.
Nathan Howard
Getty Images
The Senate voted 88-9 to approve a short-term spending bill to fund the government through Nov. 17. President Biden signed the bill into law shortly afterward.
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